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Why It Is Unique Among Biases?"

"Motive and Cause"

"Salvation Is Of The Jews"

"To What Purpose?".
                                                                .Pastor Gerry M. Kaye

Isaiah 28:17
Judgment also will I Lay to the line, and Righteousness to the plummet:

and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

Feb. 19, 2004, 7:00 A. M. PT; .Updated -
There is so much to say about the subject of anti-Semitism, and nothing to say. It has infamously existed since early recorded history and still aggregates worldwide.

It commonly and pervasively rears its ugly head as one of the most predominant aspects of intolerance, and, not unlike cockroaches in its enduring tenacity, represents a major failing of poor and struggling, floundering, ever suffering mankind.

The failings, of which there are many, include the significant one of the inability to rise above disunifying discrimination and intolerance based on nationalism, religion, race, denomination, gender, any differences, just being different it seems, is enough of an excuse for some to propagate intense hatred that finds a way to manifest in one cruel and violent form or another.

And it often stems from the quest for power at any cost, as we witnessed in Nazi Germany, when Hitler convincingly and hatefully railed against the Jews. Accepted and perceived then as noble by many of the German citizenry, he subsequently proceeded to pillage Jewish homes, lands, assets, and their very lives; which helped to finance the war he was about to wage on the rest of mankind. He conveniently was quite skilled at using the tools of hatred through anti-Semitism for the gain of  his own personal power; and it worked, for a while.

Luke 10:27; Galatians 5:14
And He (Jesus) Answering Said,
You shall love the LORD your GOD with all your heart,

and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind;
and your neighbor as yourself.

For all The Law Is Fulfilled In One Word,
even in this;
You shall love your  neighbor as yourself.


See, how we are Righteously Guided to be ever wary of hateful propaganda for personal power.

For example, American politics is now set a new record of indecent and inappropriate mudslinging throughout this recent and ongoing Democrat run for the nominee. As a non-partisan independent voter, voting for person rather than party, I observe that the spokespeople for the Republican party rarely, if ever, resort to that level of  name calling which plays on dangerous emotions, as in the phrase : "hate George Bush" being bandied about all over the place as representative of Democrat perspective, through the media..

John 15:10
If you keep My Commandments, you shall abide in My Love;
even as I have Kept My FATHER's Commandments, and Abide In His Love..

The blatant hatred that is being propagated is a dangerous and divisive display for the American public to digest. It needs to stop! For the sake of the good of the nation, elections need be campaigned through civil, truthful and decent means, by deserving parties truly representative of this great land of America.

So, we witness hatred against a person, a people or a party or a group, and we often dismayingly witness, as too often in politics, the pervasive motive and cause as a grab for power.


Why It Is Unique Among Biases?"

Of all the diverse biases that exist and that have existed, the uniqueness of anti Semitism is of great interest.

How is it that a people whose religion has formed the basis of  belief  for so many internationally, are so historically, so consistently, persecuted by so many?

I find it puzzling and ironic that the attitude even commonly exists among the many that go to their chosen places of worship, sit in their pews, and sing and are preached to with Holy Bible Scripture, and kneel and pray to The LORD Who IS A Jew, fully orthodox and never having denounced Judaism,

John 8:16; Hebrews 13:8
And yet if I Judge, My Judgment Is True:
for I A not alone, but I and The FATHER that Sent Me.

Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, and Today,
and Forever.

...Jesus, Whose Ministry was Preached to Jews, for the sake of the Jews, against the dangerous and destructive hypocrisy and corruption within the hierarchy handling the Holy and Sacred Word of GOD: Written by Jews through The Holy Ghost:

John 4:22
(Jesus Says,)
You worship you know not what: We know what We worship:
for Salvation is of the Jews.
Some claim that anti-Semitism stems from the attending at the trial of Jesus, of the Jewish hierarchy and their persistence for His execution.Yet it is obvious that it is not the Jewish people that assume the blame, but that not unlike most disruption of that nature, the blame is on the corrupted whose motives were to protect their own positions of power from the ONE Whom they perceived, not in Truth as a Healer, a Guide and a Savior, but who, as with blind greed and ruthlessness, perceived Him as a threat to their positions of authority.

John 5:36
...for the Works which The FATHER has Given Me to Finish,
the Same Works that I Do, Bear Witness of Me:

that The FATHER has Sent Me.

John 5:30
I can of Mine Own Self do nothing:
as I Hear, I Judge:
and My Judgment Is Just;

because I Seek not Mine Own Will,
but the Will of The FATHERwhich has Sent Me.

However, in Jesus' Resurrection, it was Made clear through His Holy Spirit that the Mission was to include the Gentiles; a subsequent and progressive building on the foundation of Judaism, worldwide; and of which Jesus Christ had Founded as a Religion and Faith with certain Principles based solely on Scripture; accentuating Jesus' Teachings in the New Testament, but consistently referring to, and not denying the foundation of the Old.

John 4:14
But whosoever drinks of the Water that I shall Give him shall never thirst;
but the Water that I shall Give him shall be in him a Well of Water
springing up into everlasting life.

Thus, faith and belief in Jesus Christ as The Savior is widespread and worldwide, to what Godly Purpose?

John 17:21
That they all may be One;
as You, FATHER, Art In Me,
and I In You,
that they also may be ONE  In Us:
that the world may believe that You have Sent Me.

.Not for the purpose of divisiveness, but for The Purpose of uniting mankind against being led by vicious and corrupted powers of Evil: that old Devil, that deceiver, that destroyer whom we've all come to know so infamously well; ...

...ever seeking to create bigotry, intolerance and vicious hatred for its primary motive and cause of mankind's destructive disunion in GOD and against His Salvation: the disunity which strengthens Evil and its powers of terror and destruction.

Isaiah 28:17
Judgment also will I Lay to the line,
and Righteousness to the plummet:

and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies,
and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.


Yes, it is ever puzzling to me as to how anti-Semitism moves and thrives among so many who go to worship and pray and hear about people like Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus; faithful Joseph, fleeing to protect their newborn Baby; John, special friend and loving Disciple of Jesus; Peter, so concerned for his beloved Teacher; Luke, Mark, all the Disciples;....

....and Paul, Sent by The Holy Spirit to the Gentiles; Mary Magdalene, so grateful, loving and supportive of her beloved Savior; Moses, Miraculously freeing the slaves; Aaron the orator; and the brave and joyous, articulately remarkable David, dancing in the street for joy of his GOD; the wise and reverent Solomon, building the Temple; ...

...the enduring Miriam; the faithful convert Ruth; the beautiful and loyal Esther, as of the Marys, etc., etc.: all extraordinary women of stature and courage; Isaiah, accurately Prophetic of the Savior, the list of the beloved Prophets and the others goes on and on that are so well loved;.....including all the good and decent, peace loving, hard working family people, now and throughout history; all of which just happen to be Jews.

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